Welcome to Small Towns of America

This website and its related social media are dedicated to all the wonderful small towns across the United States of America; from the farthest northern reaches of Alaska to the hot tropics of Florida.

My name is Cathcart Weatherly and I have a life-long passionate interest in small towns. I grew up on the other side of the world in a small town called New Norfolk in Tasmania, Australia. As I teen, when I was learning to drive, I used to study maps to find places where my late father could take me driving on a Saturday afternoon; such a special time and the only time that I remember spending one-on-one time with my dad.

...dedicated to all the wonderful small towns across North America.

Cathcart Weatherly January 2019
In my early 20's, after watching that wonderful Wim Wender's film Paris: Texas, I became obsessed with small towns of America and remember spending a long afternoon searching the local library until I found a phone number for anything in Paris Texas.... But that is the subject of another post!

And while we are on the subject of other posts... look out for my post entitled Mazey, Moon, Dingus and Flapjack - A Distant View of Some Small Towns of America; a book I always intended to write, but now, 25 years after the invention of the Internet, it would some a little anachronistic and younger readers would fail to comprehend the difficulties of researching a book about small towns in America from the other side of the world.

It is my hope that, over time, this website will become the most popular and comprehensive website for information about all the small towns of America with maps, service directories and event calendars as well as articles about town histories, people, funny stories and anecdotes and many many photos. I hope many other people will help to make this website a great success and everyone is invited to make their own contributions and spread the word...